20170721_145618I hold an Associate of Science with honors in biology from Parkland College, as well as a Certificate in Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement from The Ohio State University. In May 2020, I will earn a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive/Computational Neuroscience at The Ohio State University, with minor in History. You can find information about my coursework here.

My laboratory experience includes: an honors project in biology, performing growth rate observations and measurements across multiple environments with D. melanogaster; behavioral genomics research in the Stubbs Lab at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois, using the Thick Slice CLARITY protocol; and cognition and visual attention research in the Cognitive Control Lab at The Ohio State University. My senior thesis is an in-progress EEG project examining a certain nuance of visual working memory capacity.

I am employed as a Teen Services Specialist at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, where I have the privilege of integrating my passion for public service with my skills in technology to impact the lives of young people.

My writing, including essay and poetry, has been published in Dovecote Magazine, on Medium, and on Offbeat Bride.