What is it with blogs and their tiny, tiny fonts?

In other words, here I am, once again, feeling lost but now and then writing a blog and struggling to find a format for it that pleases me.

In the past decade, I wrote countless blogs on multiple platforms, microblogged with the best of them, grew a reputation as a skilled user of hyperlinks and hyperbole, and have consequently found what I am assuming to be my voice. I went through a lot of phases as a person and as a writer, giving myself varying levels of privacy through that process.

Needing to explore my relationships with writing, with other people, and with myself, I took a step back from blogging publicly from late 2017 until the present, which was both personally and professionally productive. I’m ending my hiatus less than a year from completing my Bachelor’s degree, at the beginning of my graduate school application cycle, and as a published essayist and poet. Beyond that, I’m ending it with a clearer sense of why I want to share my writing and what makes a blog a good tool for that.

Both the button that allows me to adjust this blog’s font size to something visible to the human eye and suitably flexible answers to my questions about why I write were in the same place: precisely where it made sense for them to be and exactly where I did not initially look. Now that I have found them, I’m ready to come back.

I was ecstatic to learn that I am whoever I decide to be in any given moment. The things I’m doing are the things that bring me joy and fulfillment, or the money to fund said joy and fulfillment. I am blessed to be consistent in my interests, though they are many and varied. My goal is that writing this blog will serve as an exercise in reflection and articulation, that sharing my growth as a student will help me become a better participant in the academic process, and that I will be able to share more broadly the things I’m excited about.

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