Please bear with me. I am in the process of archiving posts from previous domains, which is a messy process to say the least. 

This blog is an endeavor in articulating and sharing the boundless curiosity I’ve nurtured my whole life and refined (a little bit) in more recent years. As the Midwest’s most prolific generalized enthusiast, I am excited about any and all things that are kind of cool, and I am even more excited to tell people about those things. In an effort to not ostracize myself from my social groups, I have created this space to hold my brain dumps.

I don’t pretend to know enough about anything to be an authority. Rather than to educate, my goals here are: to reflect on the things I’m putting into my brain; to practice thinking out loud and communicating ideas constructively; to keep a record of my growth so I can laugh at myself later.

I hope that my meanderings will serve as a reminder of how difficult-but-delightful it is to have a beginner’s heart and a student’s mind.

All thoughts, feelings, and comments herein are my own, and are not necessarily reflective of my employers, nor are they indicative of the attitudes of the institutions of learning I attend/have attended. Quotation and/or consideration should not be construed as endorsement.