Some notes about resolutions

It is so easy to get to the end of a year and feel that it gave you nothing good. The heaviness of darker moments easily outweighs the lightness of better times. This year was hard; that does not mean it was bad. I am working to learn this. 2019 necessarily became, for me, about…

I don’t feed birds

Birds are place loyal. They don’t mind if the familiar things have moved on, if new things have taken their place, if there has been a turnover of people. They come back, and so will I.


It’s easier to acclimate to semesters now. My body knows the swing of a school year like its own heartbeat, the way it flutters in fits now and again but usually just plods on, steady as can be. This semester is in no way significantly different from others, but, for the first time, my matriculation…

What is it with blogs and their tiny, tiny fonts?

Both the button that allows me to adjust this blog’s font size to something visible to the human eye and suitably flexible answers to my questions about why I write were in the same place: precisely where it made sense for them to be and exactly where I did not initially look.