The NeuroLaw Group

Upon arriving at The Ohio State University, I founded The NeuroLaw Group.
I have served as its President since its founding.

NeuroLaw explores the intersections of neuroscience with law, ethics, policy, and other aspects of society, including but not limited to the legal implications of brain interventions, policy on criminal responsibility and mental capacity to stand trial, pertinent medical bioethics and professional responsibility, and various emerging neurotechnologies (from self-driving cars to brain-computer interfacing devices to artificial intelligence and algorithmic design).

During my executive tenure, I have forged relationships with the Law Pre-Professional Program at Ohio State and the STEM Pre-Law Group, as well as with the Princeton Review. We have hosted speakers from the Neuroscience & Public Policy Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison, screenings of relevant documentaries and discussions, and monthly round-table discussions.