The NeuroLaw Group

I founded The NeuroLaw Group at The Ohio State University in January 2018 and have served as its President since. I will leave office in January 2020.

About Us:

The NeuroLaw Group is an interdisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students interested in the intersections of neuroscience with law, policy, and society. As an organization, we are invested in promoting education about the real-world impacts of science, encouraging collaboration across disciplines, and contributing to a well-informed generation of rising scientists, doctors, lawyers, and policy-makers. Our primary activities include regular journal club meetings, screenings of relevant media, and hosting guest speakers who work or study in related fields.

My Role:

• Generated the idea for and followed through on the creation of The NeuroLaw Group
• Assembled the original Executive Board and initiated primary membership recruiting activities
• Drafted the original Constitution and By-Laws, Goals, and Purpose Statement for the organization
• Tripled the organization’s size from first meeting to most recent
• Worked closely with internal and external groups to gain affiliation with the Undergraduate Neuroscience Major and the Pre-Law Program, and sponsorship from The Princeton Review
• Selected and trained rising Executive Board members
• Planned and organized 18 general meetings, 7 special events, 8 test prep group meetings, and participation in 2 student activity fairs.

For more information, click here.


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