“Head Lice” (The Knight’s Library Magazine, forthcoming)

devotional” (Kissing Dynamite, 01/2020)

I’m not falling out of love” (Cultural Weekly, 12/2019)

Miscarriage” (Dovecote Magazine, 05/2019)

Popular Press

Don’t call me Mrs. Miller: last names, Lucy Stone, & why I’ll be keeping my name” (Offbeat Bride, 03/2019)

Why I’m giving up the wedding clickbait” (Offbeat Bride, 12/2018)

The seductive allure of academic-ese” (Medium, 09/2016)

Readings & Slams

Three Quarters Black Mirror, aka Team Writer’s Block (The Ohio Meatgrinder Poetry Slam, 07/2019) Poems: “HUNGER is not a feeling” & “I Could’ve Had a Daughter” (written and performed); “Ariel” (co-written and co-performed).